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Regular, Blue, and Black and White Beagles!!!

Posted on: July 2, 2008

I have noticed that a lot of you have looked at my pictures of beagles, so here are some more:


 Baxter the Amazing Blue Beagle! Pictures 588

18 Responses to "Regular, Blue, and Black and White Beagles!!!"

the pic of the puppy in the pocket is sooo adorable…what kind of puppies do you have?

they are so cute i love the one were the beagle was in the pocket i hope you get more pics i come here every day!!

hi heather! i have 2 beagle and lhasa apso mix dogs. they are 10 months old. i love them!!!!

hi caralee! ill be sure to get more pics of beagles asap! thanks for commenting!!!

do you have any for sale?any girls?

hey jessie i have a very cute beagle puppy for you and i need you to go to your e-mail and see if you got the picture of tje puppy that i’m going to send you

Hi, Natalee!! Sorry, I don’t have any for sale. Thanks for visiting my blog!!

Hi, Evelina. I’m not Jessie. I don’t know who you are talking about. Sorry.

they r so cute

they are so adorible and cute .i have a beagle she is only a year old . she is a payne in the butt ,but i love her so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

any qadvice on how to raise a spunky Black and white beagle? did not even know there was such a thing till Goofy came hometo live.

Hey if ur beagle is akc registered and u want to breed it I have a male and female black n white

I have a wicked smart, loyal, and spoiled Two tone Black and white beagle…. what about breading them ? Any advice? Do i search out a simalar bitch and start of just enjoy my main man Goofy? George

[…] and Black and White Beagles!!!… anon @ unknown websiteOn May – 15 – 2009 dailybeagle: Regular, Blue, and Black and White Beagles!!! «  This ‘N’ That var addthis_pub=”shoesale”; SHARE THIS […]

breed my tri color beagle with another three colored beagle and the pups are all black and white. I was surprised. Are these pups any less valuable than the three colored beagle (white brown black) Thanks for any info

Do you have any amazing pup for sale at this time.

I was hoping that you may have some of your amazing pups for sale?

Love your beagles!!! I have 2 myself, 1 black, tan and white & then I also have a blue tick beagle. She almosts looks like yours but mine has ticking. Do you ever breed your blue beagle? The blue is probably the cutiest I’ve ever seen. Do you hunt with yours? We do, they kick up the pheasants, lol.

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